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Gordon Jackson’s Breakthrough Golf Technique may well be the easiest of all his golf methods to hit a golf ball on a straight path. For the first time ever, the Breakthrough Golf Technique now is available in digital form and can be downloaded to you in a matter of seconds. The golf swing instructions in this dvd takes you from the beginning of the set up routine through the golf swing to produce straight golf shots.

The technique instructs you how to connect your left elbow (for right handers) to your left rib cage in a most unique way, after forming a golf grip on your club with your left hand. This maneuver rotates the club face to a square alignment and creates an on-line swing path of the club face, all in relation to the body. Once connected, the other hand properly is gripped on the club which locks-in the square club face alignment and the on-line swing path.

From this point, it is just a matter of completing the set up proceedings and executing a golf swing free from any intentional or inadvertent manipulation of the Expect your ball to travel on a straight path directly to your target, discounting elevation differences between your stance and your ball and, wind conditions.


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