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Product Description

The Blockbuster Golf Technique is one in which there is movement of certain body parts between the time the left hand (for right-handers) is gripped and the right hand is gripped on the club handle. This movement rotates the club face to a square alignment and creates an on-line swing path of the club face.

This is another unique golf swing video that now is available in a digital format and can be downloaded to you in seconds.

This technique requires the club face to be raised above the surface while the left hand (the lead hand) is gripped on the club handle. Then it requires the left arm to be relaxed to allow the club face to be dropped to the surface. The procedure is completed by then gripping the right hand on the club handle.

All then remaining is to assume a comfortable stance and posture to the ball, align the shoulders parallel with the target line and center the sweet spot of the club face as near to the back of the ball as possible. From this point, simply swing the club while maintaining eye contact with the back of the ball throughout the swing.

If you follow the instructions about how to perform the Blockbuster Golf Technique “to the letter,” you can expect to hit your golf shots straight as an arrow, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball, all for which you need to make the necessary adjustments.