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Product Description

Gordon Jackson’s Bedrock Golf Technique is fun and easy to perform. It, not unlike his other straight-as-an-arrow techniques, has been designed to square the club face and create an on-line swing path during the set up proceedings to enable golfers to hit straight golf shots.

Now available in a digital format, the Bedrock Golf Technique dvd can be downloaded to you in a matter of seconds. It may be recognized as one of the best golf swing videos ever produced.

The technique requires the legs to be straightened to the maximum and the knee caps locked prior to beginning the procedure. It then requires the club to be raised from the surface before it is gripped. Once then gripped with either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip, the arms simply are relaxed to allow the club face to be dropped to the surface which rotates it to a square alignment and an on-line swing path.

A partial unlocking and relocking of the grip in a unique manner once the club face is dropped to the surface locks-in the square club face alignment and on-line swing path–in relation to the body.

Then it is just a matter of completing the set up routine and executing a simple golf swing while watching the back of the golf ball from the beginning of the swing through impact with the ball.