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Product Description

The Audacious Golf Technique is another of Gordon Jackson’s locked-in golf methods that require the legs to be straightened to the fullest and, the knee caps to be locked, during the procedure.

Locking the knees in this manner substitutes for an otherwise partial unlocking and relocking of the grip to rotate the club face to square and, to an on-line swing path. In other words, if shortens the procedure and simplifies the process.

Once the legs are straightened and the knees (knee caps) are locked, the technique then requires the left elbow to be attached to left rib cage in a specific way, followed by forming a conventional style of grip on the club handle—either with an overlapping, interlocking or baseball type of grip. Unlock your knees after the procedure is completed and the your club face will be locked in to a square alignment and to an on-line swing path (in relation to your body.)

Once locked-in, the remaining part of the procedure is routine: assume a comfortable posture and stance to your ball and align your shoulders parallel with your target line–the imaginary line running from your target back to and through your ball. Then, center the sweet spot of your clubface directly behind your ball and execute a regular golf swing while watching the back of your ball from takeaway through impact.

Your ball should fly on a straight path, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball.

When you follow the instructions in this dvd (which is easily downloadable), you will be on your way to enjoying golf like never before, hitting one straight golf shot after another.