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Gordon Jackson’s Airtight Golf Technique is available in a digital format. You can download it instantly and quickly be on your way to hitting your golf ball as straight as you can point.

The Airtight Golf Technique is only one of the more than 100 techniques that have been designed and perfected to hit a golf ball straight. This technique requires both knees to be straightened to the fullest and the knee caps locked while performing it. Once the knees are locked, the right elbow must be attached to the right elbow in a specific way after which the hands are gripped on the club in a conventional manner: that is, with either an interlocking, overlapping or baseball type of grip.

This procedure will lock-in your club face squarely and, on to an on-line swing path in relation to your body.

Once locked-in in this manner, you must then address the ball so that your body is aligned properly to your target and target line. All that is required in order to do so is to assume a comfortable posture and stance to your ball, align your shoulders parallel with your target line, center the face of your club directly behind your ball (as near as possible to the back of your ball) and then execute a simple golf swing while maintaining eye contact with your ball throughout your swing.

If you follow the directions provided in this dvd and, adjust for wind conditions and elevation differentials ( just as the professionals do), you should be hitting your golf shots as straight as a laser beam, one after another.