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Product Description

Gordon Jackson’s Admirable Golf Technique now is available in a digital format that can be downloaded instantly. The Admirable Golf Technique is one of more than 100 techniques designed, developed and perfected by Gordon Jackson to enable you to hit a golf ball as straight as an arrow.

The Admirable Golf Technique DVD instructs you how to attach your right elbow to your right rib cage in a specific manner, grip both hands on your club and (then partially unlock and relock your grip) to lock-in a square face and an on-line swing plane of your club. This positions your body to hit your ball on a straight path.

Once locked-in, it then just becomes a matter of assuming a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, aligning your shoulders parallel with your target line, centering the face of your club directly behind your ball and executing a simple golf swing while maintaining eye contact with your ball from the beginning of your swing until your club face strikes the ball.

If you follow the instructions provided in this dvd, you will learn to hit your ball as straight as an arrow, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball (for which you must make adjustments.)